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Mod post - LJ-cuts

So, currently this community's rule on LJ-cuts is this:

"Any size graph is allowed as long as it does not have more than a 50% chance of crashing computers operating under reasonably accepted configurations, although the mod reserves the right to ask for an LJ-cut if a graph's size is inflated for no particular reason."

But it occurs to me people might be fond of LJ-cuts, maybe? Maybe not? Graphs of a certain size?

For my part, I can understand some folks not wanting friends pages to be mangled (although I consider the obliteration of friends pages to be the height of awesome). But I also really want people to go to the community page and see the graphs, and not a long series of cut-aways. Have any communities had success with policies of cut-now-and-go-back-and-edit-out-the-cut-in-a-few-days?

So, I guess I'm opening up discussion on this, I guess.

And since even this mod is not above the rule that every post must have a graph, here's some completely irrelevant data for you:


The rule that feedback to the mod must be in the form of a graph, chart, or diagram is suspended for this post.
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