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The graphs that scientifically define our times

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1st April 2010

springheel_jane9:16pm: TOOLS FOR LIFE
i hope this helps.

21st July 2009

marmaladious8:38pm: Porn

My question is, what great feature did animal porn implement in late '07 to spur its sharp increase in popularity?

1st July 2009


12th March 2009

enfarcer7:57pm: Oh my god, he banned Kenny! You bastard!
officer_kenny is free to gin up support for his dead colleague all he wants on other communities. As his posts here have been neither graphical nor particularly poignant, they have been deleted, and we won't be hearing from him again.

(And I sincerely apologize for the title. I just could not resist.)

5th February 2009

wallynotorious9:49pm: The Base System diagram, courtesy XKCD (duh!)
Current Mood: Vive le Cards!

18th January 2009

thatsexydeviant12:31pm: Click Here For Easy Chart Builder


Click there.

Do it

3rd January 2009

thatsexydeviant3:04am: Ice Cube's "Today Was a Good Day": The Flowchart

26th December 2008

nosurrendercell6:04am: Flow Chart

16th December 2008

eyelidlessness9:26pm: FIRST

12th November 2008

elegantelbow3:41pm: Is the sky falling?

14th October 2008

daresbalat12:18pm: and while i'm at it...
Wasn't sure if this bunch of awesome was posted too. This has the best key of any graph, ever.

Will post this one uncut (thats what she said) to see how people feel about it vs uncut ;)

13th October 2008

wallynotorious8:20pm: Mod post - LJ-cuts
So, currently this community's rule on LJ-cuts is this:

"Any size graph is allowed as long as it does not have more than a 50% chance of crashing computers operating under reasonably accepted configurations, although the mod reserves the right to ask for an LJ-cut if a graph's size is inflated for no particular reason."

But it occurs to me people might be fond of LJ-cuts, maybe? Maybe not? Graphs of a certain size?

For my part, I can understand some folks not wanting friends pages to be mangled (although I consider the obliteration of friends pages to be the height of awesome). But I also really want people to go to the community page and see the graphs, and not a long series of cut-aways. Have any communities had success with policies of cut-now-and-go-back-and-edit-out-the-cut-in-a-few-days?

So, I guess I'm opening up discussion on this, I guess.

And since even this mod is not above the rule that every post must have a graph, here's some completely irrelevant data for you:


The rule that feedback to the mod must be in the form of a graph, chart, or diagram is suspended for this post.
Current Mood: modly
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