The graphs that scientifically define our times

Irrefutible graphs
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Only poignant graphs need apply
This is a community for sharing graphs, charts, and diagrams, of the poignant and the even more poignant variety. Find 'em online, make 'em yourself, whatever.

What we're looking for:
-Pie charts
-Bar charts
-Line graphs
-Cartesian Planes
-Venn Diagrams
-3D Nut Graphs
-Other diagrams, not unlike this one
-Whatever else - You get the idea

Simple rules even a dispirited mime could follow:
-NO QUIZ RESULTS!!!!!!!! I mean it! I didn't go through all the trouble of making this community so you could poop it up with quiz results! Shit like GoogleFight is fine. Just not shit that's like "You are a Misunderstood Chimpanzee. You are 52% Ninja, 35% Vampire, and 13% Goat Fucker." If it's borderline (kinda like Googlefight, kinda like a quiz), you'll get a warning, no big deal. If it's obvious you didn't bother reading this, or are in contempt of this, you will be banned, period
-Dark humor and tasteless humor are appreciated, but even this mod has standards of decency. No racist jokes, sexist jokes, homophobic jokes ... you get the picture.
-Do not complain about this community mangling your friends page. Any size graph is allowed as long as it does not have more than a 50% chance of crashing computers operating under reasonably accepted configurations, although the mod reserves the right to ask for an LJ-cut if a graph's size is inflated for no particular reason.
-Every post must contain a graph, chart, or diagram. All feedback to the moderator must be in the form of a graph, chart, or diagram.